March 21st 2014 our first litter under our own name was born. The litter consists of one brindle female and two red males.

On this page you'll find all there is to know about the litter from diaries describing the pregnancy and the puppies' lives along with weekly photographs showing their development to breeding statistics and pictures from their new lives away from us - courtesey of their new owners.





The parents of our A-litter are Carmen vom Brömchen and Magic-Boy von Santana. There were many beautiful and healthy males to choose from and we chose Magic-Boy for two reasons: he is brindle and we wanted to throw those genes into the mix, and because Carmen's breeder, Maike Vollmann, has previously used him for one of Carmen's sisters with excellent results.

Read more about Magic-Boy on Uwe Horsts website: Boxer-Horst.de.


Pregnancy diary: January 17th - March 21st

Week 1

After 4 progesterone-tests Carmen was finally ready – and we drove to Bruchköbel near Frankfurt, where Uwe Horst lives. We had arranged a date with Magic-Boy von Santana. After two successful matings we returned to Denmark. And now we could only wait.

Week 5

Carmen has had an ultra sound scanning, and the vet confirmed that Carmen is pregnant – and apparently carrying a big litter. We are happy and are looking forward to the puppies. Carmen has not gained weight, but we can see that her figure is changing. She is still working actively and full of energy, but when she sleeps, she sleeps heavily and also long.

Week 7

Carmen is now 7-week pregnant. She becomes thicker and thicker – and she is always hungry! When we are out walking, she has much energy, but she walks more and more slowly, and finally she is definitely slower than Jamie. But she feels all right, and she lies very often on her back so that we can caress her big belly. The puppies have now almost finished their development – all they need is a few more weeks to grow strong enough for this world.

We are now preparing for the little ones, for instance we have bought a whole roll of vetbed, so we can make it comfortable for them. Next Friday we are making an X-ray, so that we can see how many puppies Carmen is carrying. We are looking forward to that.

Week 8

Carmen is now 8 weeks pregnant. She is all right, she has put on 4 kg, and she is always hungry. The puppies have now finished their development, and in the last 2 weeks, they will only grow bigger.

Week 9

Carmen is now in her 9th and last week of her pregnancy, and her puppies will be born during the coming week. She is all right, but her appetite is faltering – she has put on 7 kg! When she has the opportunity, she tries to dig holes in our garden, so she would know where to put her babies! Luckily she is also happy with the box we have made for her – it is placed in our sitting room so that she will always be close to us.

This afternoon we have paid one last visit to our vet before the puppies are due – how may puppies? Well, we don’t know - it is so exciting – we can hardly wait…


Birth - March 21st

Despite Carmen’s due date not being until Friday the 21st our helpers arrived on Tuesday. Carmen had begun to exhibit signs of preparing for birth and we didn’t want to be caught off guard. Over the next couple of days Carmen refused to go for proper walks, she growled at Jamie and Sofus and she spent more and more time inside the birthing pen. However by Friday morning she still didn’t appear to progress into the final stage of active labour and we agreed with our vet that we should bring her to the clinic in the afternoon.

At the clinic the vet said that while Carmen was in the early stages of labour it had taken so long that he would prefer to perform a C-section immediately. And a little over an hour later, while Carmen was still sleeping the anaesthetic off, we were presented with three gorgeous puppies who immediately began to nurse.

The operation had gone well but the vet told us that it was lucky we had decided to bring her in when we did. The female puppy had been stuck and had Carmen gone into active labour she would not have been able to give birth. The vet also told us that our puppies all came from one uterus horn while the other was empty. The empty one didn’t look quite right and that is probably why we “only” had three puppies even though the first scan showed a large litter of at least four. The puppies in the second horn probably couldn’t attach themselves properly to the uterus lining and instead perished. We were sorry to learn that but at the same time very grateful that this didn’t cause any complications for Carmen who has been doing well throughout the pregnancy.

When we arrived home Carmen was understandably still very tired and we considered letting her rest for a while longer before bringing her the puppies. However, before we could decide what to do the puppies began to whimper. When Carmen heard them, her maternal instincts awoke, she began to wash her babies and they were laid down to nurse. Then calm fell over the birthing pen, and we could all relax after an eventful day.


Puppy diary: March 28th - May 19th

1 week old

Well, the first week with BoxUnix A-litter has passed. The beginning of the week was a bit turbulent, as Carmen needed a Caesarean, but luckily she accepted her children immediately after their birth, when she heard the voices of her young ones.

Because of the Caesarean, Carmen did not have enough milk in the first days, so our puppies lost a bit of weight – more than they would normally have done. We offered them baby milk, but they were not interested, so apparently they were not hungry. And on the 3rd day, the situation suddenly changed – Carmen had lots of milk, and her puppies started gaining on weight seriously. Now they are growing from day to day, and they are simply wonderful. Each day they become more and more active, and we are looking forward to the weeks to come.

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2 weeks old

Well, another week has passed with our A-triplets, who are now 2 weeks old. Of course, they have grown bigger, and on Monday all three of them opened their eyes, and we can now see that they are three different individuals. Now, at the end of their second week, they try to walk- it is not easy, but practice will do it, and they really try! Their mother, Carmen, is very protective, and our Jamie is only just allowed to walk through the baby area.

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3 weeks old

Our A-triplets are now 3 weeks old, and much has happened. They are more awake, they can walk about – although they are still not quite steady –and they have now occupied our living room. Today we had visitors. Mikkel and Michelle were here, and it was decided that our Alabast move in with Mikkel and Michelle in 5 weeks. And he will have another name: Arne.

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4 weeks old

Our triplets are now 4 weeks old – and in this week they have experienced a lot. First we had a visit by Antracit´s new family - they fell immediately in love with our little blackmask, and he is to live in Odense and to be called Carlos. Most of the week passed as usual – with the triplets playing with their mother or together, eating and sleeping!

And they have now met other dogs. They have played a little with Jamie and Sofus (their half-brother from our S-litter), and the triplets were very curious and liked to be in contact with the two adult males. Jamie and Sofus were also very interested, but the triplets are still very small, so they must wait another week or two before they can play seriously with the adults. But the triplets had a very positive experience.

In this week they also had their first experience with other food than milk, namely Eukanuba Puppy starter mixed with water. They like it very much, and Carmen does not have to breastfeed all the time – they have now teeth, so she is not so interested in feeding them anymore. And they have had their first deworming.

And – our triplets have now found out how to get out of the litterbox, so we have changed our living-room into two department s– a puppy one and one for adults only.

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5 weeks old

The triplets are doing very well. They eat, and this week they have tasted different things, such as bananas and fish balls, and they like it all.

Most of the time when they do not sleep, they play with each other or fight, trying to find out who is the strongest. Until now we cannot detect a specific hierarchy – and after two minutes of wrestling, barking and growling, they make a heap and fall asleep.

The triplets sleep alone now – but immediately when their mother hears them, she goes to them to comfort and give milk. But now the 2-legged get their sleep almost undisturbed.

Time passes very quickly – we can hardly understand that in three weeks’ time, they will be ready to move in with their new families.

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6 weeks old

Another week has passed very quickly. Our wonderful triplets are very good company. They eat very well, and today they had fish with rice for their lunch – and they loved it. They are very curious and love to move around the house. They like to follow our Jamie (soon 10 years old). He thinks it is ok – as long as they do not bite his paws.

The big world outside is a hit. The triplets have been in the garden several times. They are not afraid, although there are many different and strange sounds. And when people drop in to say hello, they are all wagging tails.

This week they have also had their second deworming. Poor Alabast/Arne – he had a tummy ache, but he soon forgot it, when he found out that there was fish for lunch…

Our triplets are very different. They all love to be in hands, but they are not quiet for very long. Then they play and fight with each other again. We are happy that we are to keep Amber here – but we will miss Alabast/Arne and Antracit/Carlos so much when they move in with their new families in a couple of weeks.

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7 weeks old

This week the triplets have experienced a lot. First we had a visit from Boxer friends from Group Glücksburg. Also Theo, who is almost 4 years old, was here, and the triplets thought that he had the right size for a playmate.

Thursday night Annedorthe, Henrik and Sofus arrived, and this time Sofus played a lot with his halfbrothers and his halfsister – and his mother accepted that he was there. She is still taking very good care of the triplets, although it is obvious that she also finds it OK when we take over – then she comes from time to time, just to check that her babies are feeling all right.

On Friday morning, we went to the vet. The triplets had to be chipped, inoculated, and have their healths checked. Luckily the vet was satisfied, and we are of course happy that we have got a healthy litter.

On Friday night Liselotte, Christian, Julie (4 years old) and Kristine (7 years old) arrived – and with 3 puppies, 3 adult boxers, 2 children and 6 grown ups, I think we can say that the house was full of life. And Saturday morning, we also had a visit from Tina and Thomas who have bought our lovely Antracit.

Sunday afternoon when everybody had left again, it was time to relax. For us, Carmen, Jamie and our three puppies.

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8 weeks old

The 8th and last week with our triplets has passed. Our two boys have now moved in with their new families, while our Amber stays here.

Much has happened this week. We have had many visitors – people who have bought puppies from us before came to see our Box Unix A-litter; Annedorthe and Henrik visited again with Sofus, and the babies played with him in the garden. Sofus had to accept that the babies were apparently stronger than him – and that is the way to behave for an adult male when he is among young pups.

During the week we have had our exhibition cage in the puppy area, and the puppies have used it to play in. During the weekend, we celebrated two birthdays and therefore had visitors again. Saturday afternoon, we said goodbye to our darling Alabast/Arne when he was picked up by his new owners, Michelle and Mikkel.

And Monday morning, our wonderful Antracit/Carlos was picked up by his new family, Tina and Thomas. Both families have sent us messages and pictures, and apparently both boys are happy with their new families.

So here we are – Jamie, Carmen and Amber who is luckily still together with her mother Carmen. We wish our A-litter a long and wonderful life, and we are looking forward to following them in years to come.

See more pictures in Gallery - 2014.


Weekly photographs

We take weekly photographs of each puppy to follow its development, but it is not an easy task as the subjects are not always willing to cooporate. These nine photographs show each puppy from birth until it's 8 weeks old.





Breeding statistics

Because health is very important to us we will try to provide as much information about our puppies' health as possible - however we will not require that their owners have these tests performed, therefore the dataset is not complete. Results marked with * are from Germany - BK München. Amber was examined by Jørgen Koch in 2015 and Antracit was examined by Peter Knold in 2017.

Health and cosmetic flaws

Name HD/ED/OCD Spondylosis AS (flow)/PS (flow) LVOT Cryptorchidism Kinked tail White haws
Amber C2*/0/normal 0 0 (1.61 m/sek)/0 (1 m/sek) 1.65 cm 0 0
Antracit A/0/normal 0 0 (1,83 m/sek)/0 (0,89 m/sek) 2,2 cm 0 0 0
Alabast X 0 0


Name Birth 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks
Amber 382 g 679 g 1155 g 1675 g 2240 g 3095 g 4200 g 5300 g 6000 g
Antracit 544 g 851 g 1450 g 2209 g 2840 g 3480 g 4900 g 5900 g 7000 g
Alabast 571 g 852 g 1367 g 2091 g 2650 g 3699 g 5200 g 6300 g 7400 g



As adults