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Our breed

We aim to breed healthy, typical and beautiful boxers. That means health as well as mind and appearance are all important factors when we select dogs for breeding.

Our kennel is a one-dog kennel and will remain so – and as such we shall only have one bitch with her occasional litter at a time. Being a family-kennel, our dogs are and will be part of our family. Our puppies will be born in our house and live together with the rest of the family. Thus they will get used to the noises of ordinary daily life, such as those of TV, radio, vacuum cleaner, telephones ringing, and so on. At the same time they will also grow accustomed to having people around them and therefore experience no problems, when they move from our kennel into their new families.


Our dogs' health is very important to us and we have them examined carefully before we choose to breed. No dog is perfect, but as breeder is it important to know the weaknesses of a bitch and try to compensate when finding a sire. According to the rules of DKK (the Danish Kennel Club), dogs must be examined for HD, before they are used in breeding. But we also examine our dogs for heart illnesses, spondylosis, elbow dysplasia and shoulder dysplasia.

Breeding dogs

Currently we have one breeding dog available: our own BoxUnix Antracit (Carlos), who lives with Thomas and Tina. Antracit's coat is plain fawn and he is available as stud for suitable females.


AK (DK ZTP), HD: A (DK), heart: 0, spndylosis: 0, OCD: normal


First litter - the S-gang

In 2008 we bought Carmen vom Brömchen in Hehlen, Germany, from Kennel vom Brömchen. Breeders are Maike and Alexander Vollmann. In 2010, Carmen had her first litter with our own stud dog, Spirgaardens Jamie as father. The litter was made in cooperation with Jamie's breeders, Jeanette Lyhne and Jonas Palm, Kennel Spirgaarden, and is therefore our S-litter.

The puppies were wonderful – and were in fact meant to be our one and only litter!

But gradually - as time went by - we thought more and more about these delicious boxer babies, and we came to the conclusion that we wanted to make more puppies. And this time we wanted them to be born under our own name. Thus I have now completed my Danish breeder-education, and as a result of this we have now been able to officially obtain our own kennel name, Kennel BoxUnix – because every single boxer puppy is a unique creature.


The mother of our A-litter is our Carmen – Carmen is a healthy bitch, and the lines from which she is bred are all healthy. Her mother, Cobra von Cujo, died in 2016, 12 years old; her father, Darwin vom Hause Lievrée, died almost 13 years old in 2013.

The father of our A-litter is Magic-Boy von Santana, a handsome and healthy male. He suited our Carmen well as mate, and the result of this date was three beautiful boxer babies, two red boys and one brindled girl. This is simply perfect, as we had decided to keep a girl, if there was one in the litter.

We had planned that our Amber should be the mother of our B-litter, but although she was mated twice, we did not get any puppies, and we have decided that she is not to try again.


In 2018 we bought a new puppy, Diamond von der Waldnieler Heide – her mother is Amy von der Waldnieler Heide, her father Nabucco von den Busch, and she was to be the mother of our B-litter. Sadly she fell ill and her uterus had to be removed. While we were saddened that our B-litter had to be postponed yet again we are thankful that our Diamond pulled through.

We are hoping for our B-litter in late 2023.

Buying a puppy from us

When the time comes prospective buyers may visit and inspect the litter when the puppies are three weeks old. Until then they need peace and quiet together with their mother.

When you buy a puppy from us you can expect a puppy whose genetic material is in order regarding both health and character. It will have been held since very little, it will be used to and comfortable around people and the everyday routine of an ordinary household, and it will have met and socialised with other adult dogs besides its mother. We hope thereby to raise happy and well-adjusted puppies with a zest for life.

When you have settled with you puppy we would be very happy to hear from you now and then and perhaps receive a few pictures for our website. If you choose to have your dog subjected to further veterinary examinations, such as tests for aorta stenosis and hip dysplasia, we would be grateful to hear about the results so we can add them to our breeding statistics. However, this is completely voluntary and not something we require in order for you to purchase a puppy from us. And of course we are no further than a phone call away should any questions arise regarding the care and upbringing of your new puppy.



So far we have had two litters: our S-litter, which was a collaboration with Kennel Spirgården, in December 2010 and our first under our own name, the A-litter in March 2014.

The S-litter was a large one with six females and two males, while the A-litter had one female and two males - our very sweet triplets. Carmen vom Brömchen is the mother of both litters, and the fathers are our own male Spirgårdens Jamie, who died in 2014, and Magic-Boy von Santana.

We kept the female, Amber, from the A-litter, because we wanted her to be the mother of our B-litter, but despite two pregnancies it was not to be. We are still planning a B-litter, but for now we are looking at late 2023.


Our dogs

Through the years we have had a total of nine wonderful boxers.


About us

We live in Haderslev in the southern part of Denmark, and our family consists of two adults, Erik and Britta, and two female German Boxers: BoxUnix Amber (from our first litter in our own name) and Diamond von der Waldnieler Heide. Furthermore, we have two grown-up daughters, who live with their families in Odense and Rødovre respectively.

We have had Boxers since the beginning of the 1970s. We have always been members of the Danish Boxer Club and have trained with our boxers – mostly for the social aspects of it, but in 1981, Erik was Danish Champion (BHP1 – working dog) with Faruk. After that, we spent several years concentrating on our jobs and little children, but always had at least one boxer belonging to the family.

Our children are grown-up and have their own families. This means that we have much more time for our dogs. We spend several hours each week training, mostly in Denmark and Germany, especially in Group Glücksburg, but also in other parts of Germany.

With Carmen and Jamie in 2013


Contact us

You are welcome to contact us at the following address:

Britta Veje

Ribe Landevej 24

6100 Haderslev


Or call us:

+45 2065 4563