Innocence von Cujo

April 2021

Innocence was born on 10 April 2020 (Heroine von Cujo x Rus la Fler Colt). We brought this little girl home in June 2020 with great expectations, she was welcomed by Amber and Diamond, and we spent a wonderful summer and autumn with our three girls playing happily together. We enjoyed watching our baby growing into a beautiful young bitch. In January 2021 Innocence was in heat for the first time, and unfortunately the balance between our three bitches was upset. When it became clear that Innocence would not accept Diamond as part of the group, we had to take the hard decision that Innocence could not stay with us. She is now back with her breeder in Germany, and we hope our little girl gets a long and happy life.

And once again our breeding plans have been put on standby.


Diamond von der Waldnieler Heide

April 2021

Diamond is born on 26th August 2018 (Amy von der Waldnieler Heide x Nabucco von den Busch). Diamond was meant to be the mother of our B-litter, but our darling Diamond has not been a lucky girl. Only 10 months old, she had her uterus removed because of inflammation, and that was once again the end of our dreams of puppies, but luckily our Diamond survived, although she was very ill. When she was two years old, she had to have an operation because her P1 teeth had not appeared, and unfortunately she lost one of her canines because of a cyste in her jaw.

But apart from these problems, Diamond is a wonderful girl. She is “mummy’s girl” – follows me everywhere and is my energetic teammate in the training ground. Although we were not allowed to meet and train much last year because of Covid-19, she passed first her BH (a test showing that the dog knows how to behave with people and other dogs and when walking for instance in the city) and then three weeks later her IGP-V (an introduction to the IGP-programme). Now we have had yet another very long Covid-19 break, but we train as much as possible at home – and hopefully, there will be a test again later this year.

Diamond is not only a clever girl – she is also a beautiful girl, brindle with very fine white markings – and she has done well on dog shows. We hope that it will soon be possible to show our beautiful girl again.

Health results

A/P stenosis





BoxUnix Amber


April 2021

Amber is our first dog of our own breed, and we had been looking forward to her having puppies. She was to become the mother of our B-litter. Amber has passed the test for breeding in Germany (a complete description of the dog) and also the endurance test (20 kilometers of cycling), and she was mated with Nabucco von den Busch twice, but unfortunately she lost her babies. We did not want her to try a third time, but of course Amber has stayed with us. She is a darling, and we cannot do without her.

Amber is – well, Amber! She knows how to do all the different parts of the IGP-tests, but she has failed several times when she saw something which she found more interesting than obedience. But she loves tracking and has several times passed the SPH1- and SPH2-tests with fine results, so we continue working with that and hope that it will soon be possible to participate in competitions again.

At home, she enjoys life with her best friend Diamond, they are very fond of each other.

ZTP certificate

Health results

A/P stenosis

At age 1 Amber's heart has been graded 0 meaning she is free from both aortic and pulmonary valve stenosis. Her aortic valve diameter is 1.65 cm.


Amber was x-rayed in 2015 in Denmark with the following results: HD: D - AD: 0 - OCD: normal.

Amber was x-rayed again in 2016 in Germany with the following results: HD: C2.


Amber was x-rayed in November 2016, 2 ½ years old, and the result was grade 0 – that is, no sign of spondylosis.



Carmen vom Brömchen

AK, BH, IPO1, IPO2, tracking test 1 and 2 (FH 1 and 2)

April 2021

Carmen was born in 2008 (Cobra von Cujo x Darwin vom Hause Lievrée). She is from Kennel vom Brömchen in Hehlen, Germany, and it was love at first sight. Not least Jamie, our male boxer, was happy to get a little girlfriend.

Carmen was the mother of our first two litters – the first one in December 2010, when our S-litter was born. 8 lovely puppies, 6 bitches and 2 males, and their father was our Jamie. Carmen’s second litter, our A-litter, was born in March 2014 – there were two boys and one girl, and their father was Magic-Boy von Santana.

Carmen was both a show dog and a working dog – but as it became clear that she loved working, we focused on that and stopped showing her. Carmen was approved for breeding in Denmark, but most of the time, we trained with her in Germany, where she also passed the IPO1 and IPO2. In her last years, we stopped training for IPOs, but made tracking instead. Carmen passed both the TrackingTest1 and TrackingTest2, and in 2016, she was Danish champion of TrackingTest2. Furthermore, one month before she passed away, she was on the Danish Atibox Tracking team, representing Denmark.

Carmen was a wonderful dog and was very active until her death on 5th December 2018.

Health results

A/P stenosis

At age 1 Carmen's heart has been graded 0 meaning she is free from both aortic and pulmonary valve stenosis. Her aortic valve diameter is 1.6 cm. The examination was done by Jørgen Koch at the Royal Veterinary College - LIFE.


When Carmen was 1½ years old the time had come to have her hips and joints examined. Carmen's hips received grade B with an HG index of 104.00 and her joints received grade 0 meaning she's completely free from any changes.


2 years old Carmed was examined for signs of spondylosis and we were very happy to learn that she recived grade 0.



Spirgårdens Jamie

AK, BH, VPG1 (IPO 1), VPG2 (IPO 2)

Our Jamie was born in 2004 to Bukelas Emma and Gaio von Monsalvat. He died in 2014, almost 10 years old. Jamie participated in many breed shows and aquired many excellent results and a rather large amount of trophies. He also proved his abilities at the training grounds, and in 2011, he passed his VPG2 (IPO2).

Jamie was the father of our first litter, the S-litter.

Health results

A/P stenosis

The first time around, as a young dog, Jamie was diagnosed with grade 1, which is also called the transition grade meaning he is clear. When he was 5 years old we let Jamie enter into a research programme at the Veterinay College and his heart was scanned once more. Surprisingly Jamie appears to have "outgrown" his initial diagnosis - the doppler echocardiography showed us that Jamie is now completely clear with a grade 0.


Jamie has grade A hips in both sides and an HD index of 112.00; in Denmark a boxer may be used for breeding with A, B or C grade hips. His joints were free from changes and he received a grade 0.


At 18 months Jamie received grade 0. At 4½ we had him examined again and this time he received grade 1. This development is considered completely normal and we are very satisfied with the result.



Bonnie (Gloa von Toppidan)

Bonnie was born in 1997 as Gloa to Bolmosens Aranya and Boss von Toppidan. At this time the children were old enough for us to be able to once again join other boxer enthusiasts at the training grounds. Unfortunately, when Bonnie was eight months old we learned that she was suffering from various heart diseases. As a consequence we had to scale down her work load - Bonnie still enjoyed every aspect of her training but she could no longer participate in defence work.

But regardless of her diminished abilities as a working dog she was a lovely dog and we enjoyed her very much. She was in continuous treatment by Jørgen Koch at LIFE (then the Royal Veterinary College) in Copenhagen. We regularly went on the long drive to Copenhagen from Haderslev to ensure that her level of medication was correct.

Bonnie lived to be almost seven years old before her heart had had enough, and we had to say goodbye to a wonderful dog.


Max (Hemmings Iko)

Max was born in 1985 and died in 1997. His parents were Darling vom Schloss Münchhausen og Uhtz von Bereler Ries. We did intend to work with Max, as Erik had done with Faruk, but a combination of dull-time jobs and little children made it impossible to find the necessary time for it. Instead we worked with Max at home with the result that he became very obedient; he, too was a quick learner.

He was easy going with our children and their playmates, and was always watching our youngest daughter when she was sleeping in her pram in our garden – and when she grew older, she invented many games in which Max was an important participant, and he didn’t mind sharing his basket with her.


Fraukærs Faruk

BHP1 (DK champion 1981)

Faruk was Erik’s first boxer. Faruks parents were Fraukærs Athene and Jago von Bereler Ries. With Faruk Erik got his first taste of the joy of working with a dog. Many hours were invested at the training grounds and they paid off when Erik, and Faruk of course, became BHP1 (IPO1) Danish Champions in 1981. They also won a couple of Club Championships, and together they spent many happy hours at the training grounds.


Wolfgang Gleiss: Boxerens opdragelse og uddannelse, REKLAMETRYKKERIET Aps, Munkebo, 1982. Erik and Faruk show how to train retrieve

Wolfgang Gleiss: Boxerens opdragelse og uddannelse, REKLAMETRYKKERIET Aps, Munkebo, 1982. Erik and Faruk show how to train lie down



Chris was my first boxer. Born in 1973 he lived to be 11 years old. We started proper obedience training when he was six years old and at seven years old he passed the BLP1 - his first, and only, obedience test. Chris was a great dog, very loving and affectionate, and he had a long and wonderful life with us.


Wolfgang Gleiss: Boxerens opdragelse og uddannelse, REKLAMETRYKKERIET Aps, Munkebo, 1982. Chris and Liselotte.